Zeoluff Hybrid Solar System

Continuous power supply
Enables energy independence

Zeoluff hybrid solar system is a renewable energy system that is grid-tied and includes battery storage. it consists of solar panel, PV inverter, energy storage battery, power distribution box, etc. The hybrid solar system uses solar panels to produce energy during the day, while batteries store excess energy for use at night when there is no sunlight.

hybrid solar system

Hybrid Solar System

♦ Ranging from 1kW to 100 MW
♦ Continuous power supply.
♦ Enables energy independence.
♦ Store solar energy and use low-cost electricity.
♦ Using stored electricity from solar energy and reducing the pressure during electricity peak hours.
♦ Can be used for advanced energy management.
♦ Greatly reduce power consumption on the grid.

wind solar hybrid system

Wind Solar Hybrid System

♦ Combines wind & solar energy
♦ Continuous power supply day and night.
♦ No grid connection, enables energy independence.
♦ Store solar energy and use low-cost electricity.
♦ Using stored electricity from solar energy and reducing the pressure during electricity peak hours.
♦ Can be used for advanced energy management.

Features of Zeoluff Hygrid Solar System:

1. High Reliability in Energy Production
With an off-grid system, you won’t receive an energy bill from your utility. You are no longer dependent on your country or state to meet your electricity needs. You are in complete control. You’ll produce 100% of the electricity you use.

2. More Flexible & Multi Usage
Hybrid systems are probably the most scalable and future-proof home solar setups. For some customizable hybrid systems, you can expand the capacity by purchasing more panels or batteries. Hybrid systems may also be compatible with newer solar technologies – for example, an electric vehicle (EV) could be used as a “battery” in a hybrid setup.

3. Saving More In Utility Bill & Faster Investment Return
For lower cost, you can use energy management system. These are technologies that automatically optimize your power usage. (For example, large appliances like dishwashers can be turned on during peak hours of the day). Then you will save a lot on your utility bills and get a faster return on investment.

4. Use Less Expensive Energy Sources
Solar hybrid systems can use cheaper alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind. This lowers your total cost of ownership and makes the system more affordable in the long run.

5. Higher Initial Investment
There’s a lot to install upfront, compared to other solar power systems, the initial investment is higher. Specialized equipment, such as smart hybrid inverters, makes it more expensive.

How To Decide The Most Suitable Solar Energy System For You?

Installation Space

1. Installation Space:

when you decide to install a solar energy system, you should consider the location of installation, The site’s solar resource or available sunlight, the solar energy system’s orientation and tilt, and the solar panel efficiency that converts sunlight to electricity. 

Electricity bill

2. Electricity bill:

The details of your electric bill can be very instructive when determining your energy needs and the best solar energy system for your home. Each bill shows the total energy you used by month, compared to the same month in the previous year. You can even view daily and hourly consumption. With this data, Zeoluff can easily calculate how many solar panels you will need.

Solar Subsidy Program

3. Solar Subsidy Program:

In the vast majority of cases, solar power works with the grid, which is critical to ensuring your home has power even at night. Both the electricity purchased from the utility and the electricity generated by the solar panels is measured on the same meter. The meter runs forward when powered by the grid and backward when the solar PV system generates excess power. An entity installing an off-grid solar system enjoys several incentives and subsidies from the government, which differs from state to state and is also different for countries.

Cases of Zeoluff Hybrid Solar Systems:

Hybrid Solar Energy Project For French Farm Villa:

PV Storage Project For French Farm Villa

System: Complete PV storage plus off grid system
Function: Daily electricity for Farm villas and electric car charge.
Daily power generation: 52 KWh/day
Features: running in the off-grid environment completely; high energy density with a small system footprint; self-sustainability ensuring sufficient electricity for the villa.
Configuration: Zeoluff Powerporter 9.0×3
ROI: 19.6%

Hybrid Solar Power Energy System For UK Pig Farm:

Solar Power Energy System For UK Pig Farm

System: Complete PV storage plus off grid system
Function: supply the electricity to farm for daily use
Area size: 80㎡
Daily power generation: 52 KWh/day
Configuration: Zeoluff HES 24kWh×2
Features: The lead-acid battery is replaced by a lithium battery, which is divided into a 380V system and a 220V system to meet all the electricity needs of the farm and provide stable power output.; Remote monitoring and maintenance system.
ROI: 22.1%

Main Parts of Hybrid Solar System:

Solar Panel:

Function: Capture solar energy and convert it into electrical energy.
1. Using JA solar panel
2. High module conversion efficiency and lower operating temperature
3. More power output in weak light conditions, such as cloudy, morning and sunset
4. Withstanding harsh environment.

PV Inverter:

Function: Converts the DC current output from the solar system into AC power with the same amplitude, frequency and phase as the grid voltage.
1. Waterproof and dustproof, C5 anti-corrosion.
2. Compatible with wide power grid voltage and high harmonic power grid environment.

pv inverter

Energy Storage Battery:

Function: With the charge controller delivering energy to the battery, the energy storage battery acts as the heart of the off-grid solar system, storing excess energy for cloudy days and nights when it is needed to deliver power to your appliances.
1. Safe, efficient, green energy
2. Large capacity energy storage lithium iron phosphate battery
3. Compact size, High efficiency, 4. Easy installation, High energy density

Power Distribution Box:

Function: Distributes the electrical power from a solar inverter to the AC load system through an energy meter.
1. Small volume, simple installation, special technical performance, fixed position, stable and reliable operation,
2. It has a high level of safety protection
3. Intuitively display the conduction state of the circuit.

Power Distribution Box

Mounting Structure:

Function: It is the skeleton structure that holds the panel in the proper position. They are usually made of aluminum or galvanized iron. Solar panel brackets can be fixed or moved to track the sun. Features: 1. Wide and flexible application, applicable to all roof types. 2. Easy and fast installation and assembly. 3. No rust, long service life.
mounting structure

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